Much of my freelance writing goes uncredited or falls outside my general job description. Can’t help it — I love exploring new topics, even if they aren’t within my so-called niche.

Here are some of my freelance projects that best fall under the category of “other.”


Dachshund Health UK

8 Tips for Keeping a Senior Dachshund Fit and Healthy

The Comforted Kitty

Your Ultimate Guide to Cat Veterinarians in Los Angeles

Video Games

Gamers Decide

[Top 15] Best Minecraft Seeds (2021 Edition)

Home Improvement

Wallpaper Boulevard

Wallpaper Ideas for the Dining Room

True Crime & History

NorthPointe Magazine

HH Holmes: From Swindler to Serial Killer

Food & Wine

The client requested confidentiality for this ebook project, but here is a recent reader review:

This book is laid out simply, yet the author shows us clearly that she is well versed in all things wine. Bought for our kids who always ask us for wine recommendations. This book has accurate and well laid out knowledge about wine that will heighten anyone’s wine choices. I consider myself knowledgable in wine and walked away after reading this book with a lot of new and very useful information! Wether you’re a beginner or an experienced wine drinker you will absolutely enjoy this great book! I also need to mention she has fun activities to test your new knowledge. Fun learning about an intimidating topic!!

Beta Reading & Developmental Editing

I take author privacy very seriously, so I will not disclose my clients’ names. However, I will gladly share some of their public reviews of my services:

“Sarah provided excellent feedback as a beta reader. Not only was her turnaround time ahead of schedule, but she gave me a thorough, thoughtful, well-written report of my work that highlighted both strengths and weaknesses. I would highly recommend working with Sarah.”

“Sarah did an amazing job with my beta read! Not only was the review thorough, but she also had fantastic insights into the story. I was very impressed with the amount of work she put into the report and how fast she turned the project around. I highly recommend working with Sarah and I look forward to working with her again myself. If you are thinking about getting a beta read, hire Sarah!”

“Sarah is a master of her craft. She took my limited instructions and turned them into a fantastic piece. Her open communication was great and this was an easy, awesome engagement. I can’t recommend Sarah enough.”

“My experience was fantastic. This was my first time using a ghostwriter and she made the process easy and clear. She took a short piece of work that I had done, expanded it and made it excellent. I am positive I will use her again.”


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