Make better connections

I think “content writing” is kind of a misnomer for what I do.

Yes, I write B2B and B2C SEO content, but once we get past the alphabet soup, it’s clear that good content writing serves a larger purpose than just to take up space on the internet.

It’s about forging a meaningful human connection with your audience.

And that’s especially true with medical and technical topics.

But making this connection isn’t all that complicated. Here, I’ll even give you the recipe for my secret sauce:

  • First, I sift through a mountain of research to get to the heart of your message.
  • Then, I meet the reader where they are. I take the time to understand what brought them to your page and where they want to go next.
  • Only then do I write. I’ll use the language, voice, and style to match your audience’s needs.
  • When all that’s done, I optimize for the search engines. Because what good is great content if it gets lost in the noise?

My words, your mission

I’ve helped large companies, startups, family businesses, magazines, and nonprofits reach their audience more effectively, and more impactfully.

Everything I write is heavily researched, SEO-mindful, and focused on delivering custom content in your voice.

  • Blog posts
  • Magazine articles
  • ebooks
  • Social media
  • Developmental editing
  • Fact-checking
  • Creative projects

Let’s get to work!

Here’s what some of my freelance clients had to say…


AMAZING!!!!! Sarah’s beta report is outstanding, and I highly recommend her. The report is extremely detailed and beneficial. I plan on using her for all future beta readings. THANKS for the incredible advice.


Sarah is a master of her craft. She took my limited instructions and turned them into a fantastic piece. Her open communication was great and this was an easy, awesome engagement. I can’t recommend Sarah enough.


Sarah demonstrated excellent writing and research skills our editorial department was quite pleased with. She delivered the content in the format as requested well before deadline – and no edits were needed. This gifted writer was a pleasure to work with.


My experience was fantastic. This was my first time using a ghostwriter and she made the process easy and clear. She took a short piece of work that I had done, expanded it and made it excellent. I am positive I will use her again.


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