Copy & Content for Romingo Pet Travel Agency

As a startup dog-friendly online travel agency, Romingo needed a definitive comparison of their offerings vs. the big name booking sites.

I was tasked with researching Romingo’s methods, rating systems, and guarantees, then seeing how they stacked up. Compared to the biggies like BringFido, Expedia, and, Romingo really shines in its user-friendliness.

I used Romingo’s data and policies to write thorough comparison copy in a voice true to brand. To maintain byline uniformity, this piece was ghostwritten.

A Breakdown of Romingo and Other Pet-Friendly Travel Agencies

Then, I was asked to write a guide to flying with a dog. Each airline has specific rules, regulations, and definitions, so it was my job to sift through the legalese and write up this digest. Guests need a way to reach their hotels booked through Romingo, after all!

The client turned this long piece into a beautiful downloadable ebook lead magnet.

The Definitive Guide to Airplane Travel with Your Dog

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