As a startup dog-friendly online travel agency, Romingo needed a definitive comparison of their offerings vs. the big name booking sites.

I was tasked with researching Romingo’s methods, rating systems, and guarantees, then seeing how they stacked up. Compared to the biggies like BringFido, Expedia, and, Romingo really shines in its user-friendliness.

I used Romingo’s data and policies to write thorough comparison copy in a voice true to brand. To maintain byline uniformity, this piece was ghostwritten.

A Breakdown of Romingo and Other Pet-Friendly Travel Agencies

Then, I was asked to write a guide to flying with a dog. Each airline has specific rules, regulations, and definitions, so it was my job to sift through the legalese and write up this digest. Guests need a way to reach their hotels booked through Romingo, after all!

The client turned this long piece into a beautiful downloadable ebook lead magnet.

The Definitive Guide to Airplane Travel with Your Dog


This game-like travel project was a ton of fun.

I was tasked with finding 10 different landmarks in a city — all within walking distance and all related by a common theme — then writing quippy descriptions for each.

Each stop was associated with explicit walking directions, a little information about the area and location, plus some media to keep things interesting. Lots of memes, gifs, and emojis kept this one fresh.

The first city scavenger hunt, Mad-Town Sugar Rush, featured some of the best desserts downtown Madison has to offer. We explored classic restaurants, up-and-coming coffeehouses, custom chocolatiers, and everything in between. And yes. I was absolutely starving by the time I finished this one.

Here’s how it starts out:

I continued with my food-loving tour with The Mmm in Madison. This walk explored the state capitol’s wide range of international cuisines.

For the next project, You’re a Poet and You Know It, I focused on Iowa City’s Literary Walk. This time I went all in with the theme and actually wrote a poem to point the walkers in the right direction. The poem was never going to win any Pulitzers, but it did add an element of active participation, don’t you think?

This walk touched on downtown Iowa City’s classic literary walk stops — including The Haunted Bookshop, Dave’s Fox Head Inn, and a few sidewalk plaques — as well as some of my personal favorite spots. The walker was given ample opportunity to shop, eat, drink, or just relax on a bench.

After writing three successful walks, I soon started editing other projects including those in London, Amsterdam, and Santa Fe, NM. This included punching up the banter, double-checking the directions, and making sure everything ran smoothly.

Sadly, this project was canceled after the owner suffered a personal tragedy.

ROVA Magazine

Below is an excerpt from ROVA Magazine, June/July 2021

From the depths of the pristine Cave of the Mounds to the peak of the raucous House on the Rock, southwestern Wisconsin’s Driftless Area is a destination unlike any other. This unique region is home to a UNESCO site, breathtaking national parks, unusual geology, and the ultimate roadside attraction, making it an unmissable stop during any Midwestern travels.

There is nowhere like southwestern Wisconsin when it comes to wonder. After miles of flat farmland, rivers carve through a suddenly rocky landscape, dense with forests. While glacial movement scraped most of the Midwest flat, the Driftless Area remained unscathed. Untouched exposed bedrock, eroded plateaus, steep cliffs, and narrow gorges define the region. Bursting with caves, streams, valleys, rivers, and lakes, western Wisconsin is unmatched in natural beauty.

While you admire the karst topography, you’ll undoubtedly notice dozens of signs for The House on the Rock. The vague name is accurate, yet wildly understated. As it’s grown, The House has developed into something of near-mythical proportions.

For something as iconic as The House, it is surprisingly hard to find, making the plentiful signage a necessity. As you meander through the rocky wooded area, you’ll suddenly discover bulbous metal structures swarming with gargoyles and undefinable creatures. And that’s just the beginning.

To continue reading, please visit and purchase Issue 25: June/July 2021.


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