When a Piano Falls In Your Lap

You have a piano — and it’s been ages since the thing’s been tuned. Time to fix it.

Whether you’re guilty of using your heirloom upright as non-musical furniture or you rescued a beat up baby grand from the curb, your tired old piano deserves proper care and maintenance. That means cleaning, repairing, tuning, and regular upkeep from now on. You could hire a professional piano technician to do it all for you… or you could handle these tasks yourself!

We’ll start with the basics of piano ID and ownership, then move onto DIY guides to boost your piano parenthood confidence. Learn how to:

  • Select the right piano for you and your musical needs.
  • Move a piano and put it in the perfect location.
  • Maintain your instrument, no matter its condition.
  • Identify the most important elements of any piano.
  • Build and use a customized toolkit.
  • Tune and repair your own piano without fear.

Free from bone-dry technical language, When a Piano Falls in Your Lap is the ownership guide you’ll wish came with every secondhand piano.

Available on Amazon.com

Available at Amazon and wherever ebooks are sold

Rosie’s Reward

Holiday Hijinks Crazy Christmas Capers Anthology

A far-too-clever ferret ruins Christmas — and then saves it in this family-friendly holiday short story.

“Ferrets are bursting with mischief! They’re far cleverer than we’d like to believe, and with the temptation of Santa’s cookies, how could one resist stirring up some shenanigans? The holidays have a way of bringing out our true selves, and in Rosie’s case, that deep-buried ancestral honey badger was just waiting to save the day. Never mind that it was Rosie who nearly ruined it in the first place…”

Available now at Amazon and everywhere else you buy ebooks.


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