Oddities and Natural Phenomena in Wisconsin’s Driftless Area | ROVA Magazine Jun/Jul 2021

From the depths of the pristine Cave of the Mounds to the peak of the raucous House on the Rock, southwestern Wisconsin’s Driftless Area is a destination unlike any other. This unique region is home to a UNESCO site, breathtaking national parks, unusual geology, and the ultimate roadside attraction, making it an unmissable stop during any Midwestern travels.

There is nowhere like southwestern Wisconsin when it comes to wonder. After miles of flat farmland, rivers carve through a suddenly rocky landscape, dense with forests. While glacial movement scraped most of the Midwest flat, the Driftless Area remained unscathed. Untouched exposed bedrock, eroded plateaus, steep cliffs, and narrow gorges define the region. Bursting with caves, streams, valleys, rivers, and lakes, western Wisconsin is unmatched in natural beauty.

While you admire the karst topography, you’ll undoubtedly notice dozens of signs for The House on the Rock. The vague name is accurate, yet wildly understated. As it’s grown, The House has developed into something of near-mythical proportions.

For something as iconic as The House, it is surprisingly hard to find, making the plentiful signage a necessity. As you meander through the rocky wooded area, you’ll suddenly discover bulbous metal structures swarming with gargoyles and undefinable creatures. And that’s just the beginning.

To continue reading, please visit rovamag.com and purchase Issue 25: June/July 2021.

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