As a member of Fresenius Medical Care North America’s in-house copy and creative agency, I’ve written articles, social copy, and web pages for both people with kidney disease and healthcare providers.

Fresenius Medical Care is the industry leader in kidney care. They provide first in class education, products, and services to over 300,000 patients at over 4,000 dialysis clinics around the world. Everything — and I mean everything — I write on behalf of this company goes through several channels of approval including doctors, dietitians, marketers, editors, legal, designers, and other SMEs. This ensures that all my content is medically and technically accurate, appropriate for the audience, and of course, on-brand.

Patient-Facing Content

Much of my work is shared on the Thrive Central page on These SEO-mindful articles are geared toward people have kidney disease, kidney failure, or need to learn more about their diagnosis and treatment options. Depending on the topic, the branded voice ranges from upbeat and encouraging to direct yet compassionate. These are my favorite types of articles to write since I have the chance to speak directly to the patients. I blend my voice with the brand guidelines to help them feel empowered and hopeful while managing a chronic condition.

Tips for Following a Diabetes and Kidney Disease Diet

Which Fish Are Best to Eat with Kidney Disease?

Signs of Kidney Disease

What to Expect from Home Dialysis Training

Top 10 Tips When Considering Home Dialysis

How to Build Your Kidney Disease Meal Plan

Your Guide to Choosing Healthy Kidney-Friendly Snacks

Questions to Ask Your Nephrologist About Home Dialysis Before Making Your Decision

Transportation Problems? Home Dialysis May be the Solution

Can You Do Dialysis at Home?

What Causes Blood in Urine?

Budget-Friendly Recipes to Fit Your Kidney Disease Diet

Enjoy Fewer Dietary Restrictions on Home Dialysis

Can You Avoid Dialysis if You Have Kidney Disease?

How Often is Home Dialysis Done?

Understanding Dialysis Costs

Do I Need a Hysterectomy to Treat Uterine Fibroids? (Azura)

Patient Interviews

Occasionally, we profile patients who have found success while managing kidney disease — particularly those who do home dialysis. I personally conducted these interviews to tell their stories as accurately as possible while capturing their unique voices.

Dialysis at Home and at Work: Brian Coleman’s Kidney Disease Journey

Dialysis is Just One Part of Sandra Cannon’s Inspiring Journey

Meet a Care Partner at the Heart of Home Dialysis

Healthcare Professional-Facing Content is one branch of Fresenius Medical Care that speaks directly to healthcare professionals. This content is more technical and assumes a stronger working knowledge of kidney disease. These pieces balance FMCNA’s established reputation as the industry leader with the readers’ expertise. Informative and approachable without oversimplifying or diminishing authority.

A Patient Care Technician Who Can Relate: Brian Coleman’s Kidney Disease Journey

Kidney-Friendly Diets | Slowing the Progression of CKD

How Predictive Modeling in Healthcare Can Improve Kidney Disease Patient Outcomes

Benefits of Upgrading Your Old Reverse Osmosis Dialysis Water System

What Is the AquaA Dialysis Water System?

FreseniusRx homepage

FreseniusRx Specially Trained Pharmacists homepage

Social Media

What would content be without social media to promote it? I wrote the copy, image copy, and alt text for each social post associated with my articles. The graphics and social teams handled the rest. I also edited quite a few internal posts and employee spotlights. Here are a few of my favorites.

Other Projects

As a content writer, I’ve lent my eyes and expertise to more projects, papers, and documents than I can count. I’m often called upon to edit articles, write video scripts, tweak social medial, assist with webpage content, and work on one-off projects. One of my favorite one-off tasks is one everyone else seems to hate: digging up sources to back up claims and writing citations. I do this for my own work as well as my colleagues’ articles when a deadline is looming.


Finally, I hold a leadership position as communications chair for the GrassRoots Employee Environmental Network Employee Resource Group, or GREEN ERG. I have the pleasure of writing daily-ish internal social posts about company sustainability initiatives, environmental responsibility within the clinics, and how FMCNA employees can embrace the green lifestyle.

Unlike some other corporate ERGs, the GREEN ERG at FMCNA takes an active role in bettering the company and sparking measurable change. Existing corporate sustainability initiatives, like switching from plastic to paper cups for dispensing medications or sending back Mircera packaging for reuse, get a social media boost from the GREEN ERG. We hold monthly membership meetings, each with a different sustainability theme. Our meetings are well-attended and often host exciting guest speakers from NOAA, the US Forest Service, Seaside Sustainability, and other influential green groups.

Note: Unlinked articles will be updated as they are published.


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