Skate Newswire

As a daily writer for Skate Newswire, it was my job to keep my thumb on the pulse of the professional skate scene. Most of the time, that meant scrolling through pro skaters’ social media, watching for press releases, monitoring fashion updates, and watching Thrasher videos. Then, I’d pick the best of the best every day and write a snippet in the type of language that appeals to skateboarders.

Yeah. It was rad.

Writing in this voice and using this highly-specific vocabulary made this project one of my favorites to date.

Vans x Palace Launch Trippy New Shoes

Dream Travel Series, ‘Plazacation,’ Spotlights Berlin’s Kulturforum

Cariuma Earns Coveted B Corp Certification

SLS 2021 TOTY Goes to Jack O’Grady

Some of my pieces were a little bit longer. When Mark Suciu won the 2021 Skater of the Year award from Thrasher, he was deserving of a digest piece that showed off some of what earned him the title.

Mark Suciu Crowned 2021 SOTY

Every New Year’s Eve, Skate Newswire creates a top 10 list of the best, most influential videos of the year. Compilations like this required a collage for the cover image, which I designed. I logged a lot of hours watching skate films so I could paint an accurate picture of 2021’s greatest videos. Woe is me, right?

Year in Review: These 10 Videos Defined 2021

Not only was I an internet-scouring journalist, I was a boots-on-the-ground interviewer. I reached out to several prominent skateshops across the country to dig up the history behind the company, where the owners find their drive, and help promote upcoming projects. I called this interview project “Skateshop Spotlight.”

Fargo Skatepark and Skate Shop – DeKalb, IL

Sidewalk Surfer – Scottsdale, AZ

Escapist Skateboarding – Kansas City, MO

Satellite Boardshop – Boulder CO

Classic Skate Shop – Reno, NV

The Space Program

Although I, myself, can’t skate to save my life, I actually really enjoy pro skateboarding. I enjoy it so much, in fact, that I combined it with two of my greatest passions — travel and conservation — and wrote a blog about it. I originally published it on my Medium page and here on my website, but Skate Newswire was kind enough to invite me to share it as a bylined guest post on the main site.

Fresenius Medical Care

Patient Interviews

Occasionally, we profile patients who have found success while managing kidney disease — particularly those who do home dialysis. I personally conducted these interviews to tell their stories as accurately as possible while capturing their unique voices.

Dialysis at Home and at Work: Brian Coleman’s Kidney Disease Journey

Dialysis is Just One Part of Sandra Cannon’s Inspiring Journey

Meet a Care Partner at the Heart of Home Dialysis


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