I’m something of a jack-of-all-trades for this small family business. From big-picture projects to nitty-gritty SEO tweaks, I’ve guided In Tune Piano Supply’s branding over the course of 2021 and seen marked improvements across the board.

The Strategy

There was no SEO, blog, or social strategy in place before I hopped onboard with In Tune Piano Supply. Branding was straightforward and the site was minimal. The owners wanted to upgrade their business, but weren’t sure how to increase their search rankings. They were far too busy to overhaul their entire site.

That’s where I came in. In 2021, I used a four-pronged approach to get this business off the ground and continue to work on this site today.

Implement SEO Essentials

My first task was to go through every single item in their massive inventory, update the Shopify SEO tools and introduce keywords to all the item descriptions. All the images were assigned metadata, and slugs were improved for readability.


Blogs & Books

Because I had access to expert knowledge of piano care, repair, and maintenance, I started researching and writing blogs. In 2021, I wrote 30 blogs with titles ranging from “How to Tune Your Own Piano” to “What to Do When Your Piano Has Water Damage” plus a few fun-fact style listicles.

Next, I created a downloadable pdf ebook/lead magnet about one of the company’s biggest sellers. See “Your Essential Guide to the Dampp-Chaser Piano Life Saver System.”

In collaboration with one of the owners, I wrote a how-to-guide for new piano owners called When a Piano Falls in Your Lap. This was my most significant project to date.

Establish Brand Voice in Web Copy

The owners of In Tune Piano Supply are not nearly as stuffy as their business might imply! I refreshed all the copy on the site to reflect this. Composing their About Us blog, “What’s So Great About ITPS?” was key in establishing this vibrant voice that differentiates them from their competitors.

Finally, I overhauled the website’s appearance. This meant adding an image carousel on the homepage, perfecting inventory and site organization, and smoothing overall user experience.

Because there are three distinct customer personas — professional pianists, casual musicians, and professional piano tuners/technicians — I divided the site into these three categories for easier browsing.

Social Media

As I mentioned, In Tune Piano Supply had no social media presence whatsoever before January 2021. I used the newly-established voice to set up a Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter account.

The Results

… And it worked!

ITPS now ranks higher across the board, and has top 10 positioning for 14 relevant keywords.

Store sessions increased by 138%

Total sales increased by 191%

Total orders increased by 180%

Conversion rate is up 16%

Now that the site is better positioned and SEO has been improved, my goal is to focus on developing a robust social media presence to better connect with customers.


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