Felidae Conservation Fund

As a volunteer for The Felidae Conservation Fund, I write easy-to-read articles outlining major research projects and introducing fascinating wild cat species. Here are some of my favorite pieces I wrote for them.

In this piece, I discussed cheetahs’ role in the ecosystem, their fragile conservation status, the importance of monitoring, and the ways The Tsavo Cheetah Project works to support these magnificent animals.


Ask almost anyone living in the rural American west if they’ve seen a mountain lion, and they’ll probably say yes (or at the very least, they know someone who’s seen one). Hate to break it to you, but odds are it was something else. How do I know and what difference does it make? Check this out:


Did you know we have a population of ocelots right here in the United States? We do! Ocelots thrive in South and Central America, and for a long time, much of the American south. Now there are about 100 of these cats living just over the border in Texas and parts of Arizona. Learn about our rarest feline species and their biggest risk factor: politics.


As rare as American ocelots are, it’s the Andean mountain cat that remains arguably the most elusive cat in the world. Conservationists can spend entire careers trying to spot one of these fluffy felines. Find out how they’ve managed to keep such a low profile.


Okay, so this one’s not so much of a blog post. Still, I was honored to be singled out in Felidae’s Volunteer Spotlight of the week with a profile.



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